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"My soul loved horses before I was even born too"


- I am currently based in London, UK although I spent most of my adolescents in the USA. 

- My technique and mediums vary depending on what I am feeling and I let my hands do the rest.

- I am inspired by emotions and what is going on around me at the time. I draw a lot of my inspiration from

life experiences 

-- I had my first solo pop up show 7 years ago which was very successful called 'Horses of Emotion' where I

was raising money for the Redwings Horse charity and sold 9 out of 21 pieces. 

-- I have been actively painting since 1997.

twrite this in the first person and think about my tone 

-- answer the question people want to know - what is my process start to finish/inspiration/emotion.

-My story is a love story 

For as long as I can remember, 

I've always felt slightly out of time and place, that is until the moment I stepped into a magical place as though I born into the wrong time period, that I belonged in a bygone era belonging solely to the magnificent "EQUUS'". 


My Journey


is a tribute to my Grandfather whom was my inspiration in my pieces and gives me the strength to inspire others with my work.

Let’s Work Together

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For Commissions & Custom Pieces, please send an email with the details of your desired piece and we will be in touch rapidly with further information.

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